Monday, May 4, 2009


As of Friday around 8ish o'clock, when I shake the hairy hand of our fearless leader, Luis Proenza, I will officially be unemployed. As you all know the job market for designers is in shambles, and I unknowing 6 years ago, signed up for this major. Yes..I said 6 years ago. I am eager and optimistic that I will find a job. So far I have leads in each of these fields:
- Server
- Default Aversion Specialist
- Cuyahoga Falls City Council (Please don't ask)
- College Recruiting

As you can see, non of these stelar occupations need any of the knowledge that I have accumulated in the past 6 years.  If anyone has any information on design jobs or even video editing jobs (Phil), please let me know.  I would appreciate anything, or else I could be making decisions on peoples well being and thats not a good thing. (City Council)

More to come in the next installment

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