Monday, March 9, 2009

Color Line

That class was a bit too much this week. Has anyone ever heard of the "paper bag" test? If someone's skin was darker than a paper bag, they failed. This test was used to keep a young woman - who is now a grandmother - out of a black college that was operated by blacks. Another example of racism within one's own race. Delightful.
I thought that the students interviewed might be giving a different interview to people of color. The students were interviewed at the "dreamy" or "nerveracking" begining of the semester. After some of the semester goes by, I wonder if the responses totally change.
Has anyone seen Frisky Dingo? OMG. I put off my Praxis II exam, so let the celebrations begin with a marathon of side-splitting-disturbance this past Sunday. My throat is killing me from laughing so freakin hard. Now it's Monday night, and my script is partially scribbled on a Gorrilla Grrrls flyer.

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