Wednesday, March 11, 2009

diving in with my eyes close

So we have all of our footage into the computers. Now to make it into something. I don't know what to make. There are a lot of words, but I don't know that they are saying anything. And this is what is going to guide us to our next collection of materials. We what these words to make images for us, so we know what to look for. I don't know if we should be thinking that what we have is going to lead us to what we need. 

And I do have to say that I wish I was giving this project more attention then I am. It's just so hard with so many other things going on. The main time hog it my senior portfolio. We have to have portfolios, sketchbooks, and resumes done by the end of the month for review. So I am just worried about that and everything else is taking a back seat. But it will be done and turned in soon, just in time for our heavy editing to start. Yay!

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  1. I'm feeling the same way about the footage. Also, there are not nearly enough hours on the clock. When was the last time you slept more than 5 hours?