Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ethics eh?

So these people we've interviewed, you spend a bit of time with them, you ask them a few questions and you get a general vibe on their opinion or view on the matter, whether their telling the truth is something else. So, I have these clips and now it's my job to put them together in a manner that conveys a message I want to convey. I'm finding it difficult to do that in a way that does not contradict how they feel on the matter. Personally, I have no issue construing their words into something entirely different to what they actually say. Not that I'm about to do that. So how does one draw the line on what is honest and manipulated. If we took a purists approach we'd play the entire interviews start to finish and in the order they were taken, let people draw their own conclusions while they nap. I'm not opposed to that. I could be done with this doco by Thursday. Then we could have pizza parties the rest of the semester. There's probably half a dozen classes I could take on ethics to help me through my edditing issue, but i'm a little short on time.

Has anyone else run into this? Any suggestions? Rules of thumb? Maybe a better question is what kind of doco are we trying to produce?

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