Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week Two: Confusion Sets In

After two weeks of working on topics and ideas for the doc, we are seeing some concern among students about exactly what this thing will look like. With good reason, right?

We spent the weekend training on how to set up to record an interview, the teams all took turns shooting each other. But those controlled situations will be nothing like going out with unfamiliar gear into an unpredictable situation with a new person. That's when we'll find out who was awake Saturday morning while we went over the gear!

A bigger issue is "what will this actually look like?" What's the story? What's the point? After two solid days of good discussion about identity, race relations, change and persistence, today the teams are working on developing an outline of what the final product will look like....and they are worried about how amorphous it all is. I can only advise them that this is natural....

Treatments are due on Thursday. We'll see then how it all goes....

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