Friday, January 30, 2009

Blooging Eh?

First time blogger, not a fan. I went skiing tonight. An elitist sport it's sometimes called. I was out there for 2 or so hours and kept an eye out for anyone other than wealthy white. I noticed and spoke to many "poor" white guys and girls, only saw one black fellow, and no other physically descriptive races; it is sometimes difficult to tell behind the goggles. I've been told skiing is a white elitist sport. I don't know if it is. My favorite people to ski with are my friends i taught to ski and snowboard. I went to an all white high school. Would it have made a difference if I had not? None of us had money to pay full lift ticket prices, but we found our ways to go on the cheap. So does this mean someone from any school does not have the opportunity at a sport like this? I don't think so.

A Situation, my buddy tells me a story where he's in Cleveland outside of a concert having a smoke and 2 black kids start throwing pennies at him. He tells me, "what can I do in this situation, I can't yell and beat em' up." Interesting. Then my flatmate then gives a hypothetical, "I'm a black kid going to Hudson, and a couple of white kids are throwing pennies at me" racism? Ya it is, it's all racism. Or is it American, or world, society?

I really don't like blogs.

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  1. Well, is that why they were throwing pennies at him? Because he was white? Or is it because he's smoking? Or is it because they're younger and he's an "adult" and there's two of them and one of him so they can gang up on him... in other words they're just mischievous?

    It's interesting though, that two white kids throwing pennies at a black man does have a very different connotation than the other way around.