Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wow, people can be mean...

Last night I shot some footage for the documentary at a pool hall/club. I was hoping to find a good mix of people and I did. The first goal was to get permission from the owner and I did with no problem (it helps when you know people that work there). Next goal was to mingle and start talking to people. Normally, this is not a hard task for me to walk up and start talking to people I don't know. I asked people if they would be willing to take a survey I had made up and I briefly explained to them about the documentary and the segment I was doing on biracial relationships. Everyone I asked were kind enough to take the survey.  Next I put the surveys away and brought out the camera and people had different reactions to this. I walked up to a seating area by the dance floor to look for a good place to set up the camera and people started to become very territorial. A certain group of African American women were very rude telling us we couldn't sit at the many open tables and this was an area set aside for a party that they were having. They were using very vulgar language directed towards us and made us feel very uncomfortable. Luckily my friend showed up who was having the party and told them to back off. I wish I could say I got some worth while footage but it was very dark and could see anything the camera was shooting. I tried to adjust everything I could think of that we went over in class but I hope is could be changed in the editing process. I did get some good info from the surveys and experience with the equipment out in the public.

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  1. Were the people harrassing you wasted? Not that this is an excuse for rudeness... Did these people get in front of the camera? Exciting blog! I can't wait to talk with you! I wish I knew about editing already... See you soon.