Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So I drove through a crime scene...

Christina and I were driving around on Tuesday trying to get some B roll film for our portion of the documentary when...I accidently drove upon a crime scene in a predominantly african american neighborhood.  There were cars in from of me that couldn't move, and cars behind me so that I couldn't move.  Christina had the camera hanging out of the window filming and people were not happy.  We did not understand why the two white people in the car with camera were being singled out when there was a film crew on the street.  We both felt very uncomfortable and were actually afraid that someone was going to do something to us.  

Later during the drive when we were stopped at a traffic light about 5-10 blocks from that accident, 2 african american males saw the camera and that we were shooting and they took offense to us filming.  I remember one of them saying to the other "Look, what are they filming, are seeing what we got around here?"  They were referring to the neighborhood as a black neighborhood and what black people had around where we were.  I took offense to this because I live down the street, 3 or 4 blocks from where we were.  It was not those 2 individual's neighborhood, and who the hell are they to tell me what I can or cannot do down the street from my apartment!  Sorry for the rant I have to stop writing.


  1. Wow, that really was an exciting little adventure! At the time, I was super uneasy at the crime scene, but later I kinda wished I had tried to get good shots while we were stuck there instead of trying to not get noticed, because obviously I'm not good at that and failed miserably.

    I think it's so interesting that we just happened upon that scene already rolling. That's crazy! Everyone in the mob must have thought we were looking for them, and how could they not. But we weren't, it was an accident. SOOO interested to see if the footage is as exciting as the trip was.