Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dropped into 1994

So I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time finally, and I noticed something that I'm sure I would not have thought of AT ALL if it wasn't for this class.  I believe every relationship in that movie was biracial.  Even ones they just showed for a second.  Obviously there's Mia and Wallace... but there's the white guy whose house they cleaned up the car at, his wife, the nurse, they show for like 3 seconds, but she's black.  It's very interesting, but it's possible this class is making me racist.

Actually, I just thought it was interesting that it was a deliberate choice of the filmmakers, and it was actually pretty seamless and possible-feeling.  It did not feel unnatural, but then, that is the beauty of Pulp Fiction, isn't it?  That all these incredible things are suddenly very real, and somehow suddenly plausible.


  1. I don't think its making you racist, I mean you weren't thinking they were wrong for having biracial relationships were you?

    You are just more aware and noticing these things. I guess it shows that race doesn't really matter to you since you haven't noticed these things before.

  2. You didn't mention Vincent and Jules. The main relationship in the movie was biracial! On a much more subtle note, there's also Fabienne and Butch, not black and white, but different ethnicities. I think that is an interesting observation as well. Quentin certainly uses race to direct the story and characters and he relies on it to help reinforce but also break stereotypes. I love how he does that. The nurse is black, the boxer is white, the mob boss is black, and so on. The roles are not necessarily reversed, just planned out.

    I have to agree with Jenni. Racism comes from ignorance. You cannot learn, read, educate and become racist, you become aware.

  3. That's so interesting, I never thought about how the stereotypes of careers factored into it.

    And I do agree that I am becoming more aware, although I also think racism is learned. Which is kind of a paradox, because my awareness doesn't make me racist, it's true that I definitely did not think it was a negative thing that all that race didn't seem to be factor in these people's relationships. They seemed like good examples of collaboration (as opposed to tolerance.)