Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay Interviews

So Pat and my interviews (that phrase is so awkward grammatically any way you slice it) went really well.  It is amazing the cross section that existed just up on that third floor of the Student Union.  So many different cultures represented, so many interesting insights.  Also so much jargon.  But even the jargon is interesting... seeing completely different people give you almost verbatim the same notions... and then watch it dissolve into something else entirely as they try to explain shows how very connected we all are by the media; by our culture.  It sort of renewed in me this sense of Americanism... for better or worse, we have come from all over the world to create our own, new way of looking at things.  We share more than we think.

Not that I agree with most of what was said... every person was surprising in their own way.  Even I surprised myself... I actually enjoyed having a valid reason to talk to strangers.  Still not as bloodthirsty as Babs... but then, I probably would have more pointed questions and less inhibition after 50 years interviewing celebs and politicians.

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