Friday, February 27, 2009

I didn't realize how funny this stuff was.

So we have been working this week to put all our interviews into the computer. As we are uploading we are listening to what was said. At the time of interviews we were so caught up in getting everything right that I guess I didn't really pay attention to everything that was going on. Some of the answers we have gotten are really funny. There is one that we did that had us laughing a lot. 

The girl that was interviewed really liked to stereotype others. She is of mixed background and said that she grew up in a white neighborhood. And it was funny because whenever she talked about people that were not white she would use "they," even though she was not white. And she would fall into saying things like black people sell drugs and "pimp whoes."

So does she think this way because she is use to "white" life. Would she think different if she were more in touch with her "black" side, or grown up in that neighborhood. 

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  1. That is interesting. So much of race is not about skin color or what country your grandparents were from.

    Pat and I wondered why no one really seemed to identify themselves as American (I asked them each what nationality they considered themselves, and everyone talked about their ancestor's countries, even if their parents were born here) until the last two... they said American only, and didn't want to tell what their ancestors were at all. They were also worse interviews in general, incidently...