Monday, February 9, 2009

Im Scared not Racist

Christina and I will be filming on the street the next few times out and Im not gonna lie, I am terrified.  Its not because we will be in predominantly black neighborhoods, but because we will be in rough neighborhoods with thousands of dollars worth of equipment.  Should I feel scared?


  1. It will be broad daylight... I mean, I have no intention of watching that sunset behind someone being interviewed or something. Get in, get out, sort of thing. I'm afraid we aren't getting enough footage if we only do 2 afternoons, especially up to Cleveland when driving time is factored in. But I forgot about the equipment-liquidation factor.

  2. This is groovie reading backwards through your experiences.The equipment isn't a factor - getting stoled.The equipment is being carried by a couple of white kids hanging outta car window!That's feakin hillarious!You shoulda filmed the guys hollaring!