Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I'm to the point now where I feel like I have a lot of interesting ideas, but I'm not so sure they're getting captured in the video.  I think it'll be a lot more reassuring to watch the footage back and see if different things start popping out... also after interviews on Tues. Pat and I particularly should have a better handle on things.  Interviews are so much more straight-forward.  People say what they say, and it's easier to get everyone in your audience on the same page, though you have to get people to say the interesting things.  On camera.

Because talking to people about this documentary has led to lots of surprising conversations with friends, family, and random acquaintances that I never would have predicted.  So many comments that I wish I had on tape, but of course, I wouldn't have even heard it the first time if I had been filming.  It's so weird how uncomfortable people are when cameras are around, which you told us Phil, but I just figured that, especially with younger people who are more used to constant media reality TV blah blah, would almost seek it out, wanting their 15 minutes.  But people are far more testy than I thought, it's fascinating.  Especially when I just put the concept of assignments and deadlines and goals out of my mind and just be there, see how it goes, let it be what it is, and worry about how I'm gonna use it later.

Obviously, I'm better at that sometimes than others.

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  1. I love reading your stuff! you've helped me get bloggin.....!