Friday, February 6, 2009

Getting Settled In?

So as we're finding, the shoot out in the field is where you really see if you were ready.

I am happy to hear that for the most part, people are finding that they are able to be successful out in the field. I had the chance today to look at Paul, Jenni and Kellie's looked good, sound was good. And it sound like the stories were good too.

Pat, on the other hand, says their shoot at the theater was a mess. Mostly because they relied on the feed from the theater, rather than their own mics. So, there ya go.

Poor Courtney had to drag her boyfriend up to collect all the gear. I can't stress enough that all group members need to help schlep the gear around. It's a lot for one person to when Paul brought it all back alone. Try to help each other, it will make life easier.

ANd yes will be shocked by the average person on the street. They will likely be both tremendously mean to you but also amazingly open and willing to talk. You just never know.

Keep up the good work...please let me know if I can help you.


  1. Should we set up a dailies sort of review schedule? Perhaps we use the class time as a chance to review footage that has been shot to date. That way you guys get to see and comment on each others footage. Just a thought, let me know.

  2. I know that we will be shooting Tuesday during class time. So we wouldn't be able to come and watch footage.

    I'm glad that our footage came out well, thanks for looking it over.