Friday, February 6, 2009

Filming and the word "masturbation"

So Christina and I filmed for the first time last night.  I thought that since I worked in the Student Union that I had an in when it came to recording the feed.  We had the mic provided by the Student Union wired to our camera... but the feed sucked and sounded like a voice in slow motion combined with static.  The lighting was terrible and after 8 minutes of filming I realized that we didn't white balance the camera.  (As if everything in orange wasn't a tell tale sign)  All in all we realized that the speaker did not say anything that had any impact on what we wanted to film.  The only funny part of the entire lecture was when the speaker said "masturbation", then giggled like a school girl for 10 seconds.  I didn't know that 60 year old women were so fun!

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  1. Yeah, I'm curious about hearing that back because I still can't figure out what she said that made that a logical word to bring up....