Monday, April 13, 2009

february... weeks of film

—Ordered Born into Brothels on Amazon. Saw part of it in class, and loved this documentary about kids born into the red light district in India’s Calcutta. Paul will dig it- a photographer lives there and teaches some kids to take photos, then tries to get them into schools. Parents don’t understand to improve kids lives- they just miss their kids, so they take them out of school… very disturbing
—Watched Nannuck of the North
—Researched Flash and trying to figure out if I need this to make documentary in the future. Final Cut -might have to take that, or one of the other editing programs. Sucks to not know the programs, but thank Jenni we won’t fail! I should turn that to the next great phrase “Well, thank my lucky Jenni!!”
—What a horrifying month. I hope I get time to buy shampoo instead of using body wash. I’m getting killer dandruff. All the color came out of my hair, too. Big Fun. So Pretty.
—Researched questions for the interviews –there are a lot of questions online. Some can stand a little tweaking. I don’t know how these are going to come off- I’m so freaking nervous! The only super -advantage is that I’m not in front of the camera! This job would be insane – the hours are exhausting but the people are delicious! I’d take this class again already!
—Maybe I wouldn’t take this class again. Holy Mother of God! Dave Brown could not stop! That man has serious energy… I really hope I get to use the information of the interview for a workshop after this class. I’m too fucking encouraging! I told him his picture doesn’t do him justice! If I take this or another class with film, I’ve got to follow interviewers. Kathy Davis constantly did interviews for channel 5 news – I should call her. I walked DB up the hall to Kate’s office –love her!- and she had to take him to speak at a lecture hall. Jenni went to see him speak. I don’t think Jenni and Paul understand my gift of being able to talk to anyone… this is where I can work it – not on the technology end of this thing. There is not enough time in the day for us to get all this filming done. It’s so frustrating not being all knowing. And everywhere.
—I wish Tim Wise could’ve been interviewed. I forgot I had research on him! I hope I get another opportunity to kick-it with him. I should read more of his stuff – it’s so boring to read scholarly stuff. I like his bio better!
—My church feeds people every Wednesday evening starting this month. I pick up the food for the food pantry- this month with John’s help- and pack 50 bags of groceries to hand out after the dinner. This schedule is crazy. I moved the Praxis exam, moved all my observations to April, and am so relieved the tight film schedule’s over.

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