Friday, April 10, 2009


—Here it goes. One semester closer to being done. For what? I don’t want to teach in a classroom filled with little darlings. This semester is killing me already. I hope I figure out how to do what I want to do.
—Elisa’s Monday class is supposed to be only 40 minutes all semester. I’m sure that’ll change again.
—13th –great day. This past Sat., Barry pushed Daiv and Slate in cart all over Target! Slate-3 Daiv-50! Very fun -cause I didn’t hang with them.
—Can’t take another semester like last one. Doc class seems to be what looking for in terms of future use – documenting my trips to homeless shelter in NY for the non-profit.
—Didn’t take myself or son to class cause –negative 30 degrees!!! Repeating stuff from last semester in Elisa’s
—Dig Prelinger site. Damn. Watched entire Last Man on Earth (awesome) Watched Prelinger video on checking-out vaults.
—Excellent foresight- before government or private company(DISNEY) grabbed videos for commercial exploitation/monetary gain, Prelinger vaults them! Good idea
—15th – Laughed @ Phil story and got mascara all over face! Fucking freezing. Told terrible story about Donna/dream/stress at the Color line
—16th- stayed in house all day. Fucking freezing-25. Worked on presentation, worked on kid.
—17th-Worked on presentation today over 4 hours. Doesn’t look like it. So much information online

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