Friday, April 10, 2009

More stuff during january...

—Polls on children/by children –whether they hold family to be important/want to hold family to be important=cant remember why but “bias “in notes… I wonder if questions asked directly after some sort of abuse-children from broken homes, devastated, then used in a study “just a couple more questions- then juice!” Welcome to the foster care system.
—Almost stole tampons from target – oops!
—Gave away food from food bank .
—Couldn’t comply with government questionnaire –study from Akron Canton Food Bank that is mandatory to receive low cost food for needy people in the community. Couldn’t find the fucking fax number on any of the three stacks of papers from this government facility that receives donations and charges you to give them to people in the community.
—Worked for 4 hours on research/PowerPoint
—So proud? To be here w/ Obama! Listening to Maya Angelou on Tavis Smiley tonight WOW!
— Nelson Mandela invited his prison guards to be with him at his inauguration !!! I’ve watched India documentary. Gandhi spoke- love that little guy. I finally gained insight to Muslim/Hindi split with Palestine- how devastating. O India. OMG
—Stayed home and worked on Racial Persistence/research all day. Barry took Slate –Thank God!- for a few hours so I could work w/out “the jumper “ all over me. Yeah, many epiphanies –love school today.

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