Sunday, April 19, 2009

march...what a spring break!

—I moved my praxis exam date to April, but not until I contacted all the teachers I’m observing. I’ve let them all know I’m taking the exam in March- so I’m screwed for April… oh well-another killer semester…
—I observed a few days a Jackson High- freaking awesome arts program… The teacher there had me come in even though I had so much work to do I couldn’t function. I’m wondering why I’m having shortness of breath! My fat butt better not be having a heart attack!
—Born into Brothels came, but not enough time to watch yet. I had a complementary Bollywood movie running during journal writing that was sent with package. Weird one – can’t even figure the title out!
—Forgot to rewrite notes I took during meeting with Fedarria last month… ~I’m in the right place. The discussion board that met will be so easy to approach next documentary class- I’ve really got to take this again! Everyone is into this documentary idea, but they don’t understand our artistic approach possibilities. I did not feel comfortable explaining our role, because I don’t know what groundwork has already been laid by the professors teaching... What if there are funding opportunities for this class through these board members –i.e., if this class meets one /some of the following requirements: 1. if there are students from this class who film speakers, the class gets equipment 2. if students will film the events scheduled for community participation , the class gets equipment/web site 3. if class films fellow students to promote events for the following year – outright advertising! –the class gets permission for another year of work… A discussion during the meeting proposed university web site capabilities for downloading this documentary to mp3 players!

—Finally feel like the documentary is going to make damn good sense – glad we went with graphic designer Jenni ideas! I could not see this thing in any other way than groups of people speaking and artistic pictures /clips! If we had more time –snap! If I had ANY techno-ability in this area –snap!
—It’s so different working with people trained in other mediums!!! Content has been confusing -couldn’t see outcome. The class atmosphere differs greatly from medium to medium! People are the same standing in any field, though.
—Spring break rocked!!! I slept in one day, then the furnace went out and I had to go to my parents house in Conneaut for days on end. Break was when I was to catch-up on my ceramics and my fucking final project for art ed that won’t dry.
—Thank God Almighty break is over. We got a lot done for film, and I discovered foam stuff for the non-drying project in art ed. Our group is well rounded in all art forms – sculpture/hardware advice included.
—I met with Dr. Renee M-C for PhD information. Totally dig her! Approachable and very informative –giving options while leaving room for a student to use own judgment… Would love to hear her give presentation. Now time for research…
—Watched Born into Brothels – recommend for all. Devastating and delicious, with children learning photography! God love them and their artistic eyes…

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