Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Group 2 Final Rough Cut



  1. that only took 4 hours to post:(

  2. When the guy checks out the girl at the beginning we gotta really slow that down and bring the viewer right into that scene. It goes along with the sound bite perfectly. Phil, we got to work on this with the girls, getting the timing of this just right. It should fade out and pause long enough for the viewer to reflect on it.

  3. I've been studying this for a while trying to pinpoint what I feel is not working with the segment. It seems like questions, not a story. What are you saying, exactly?

    I ask this: Are you using the interview footage because you feel it tells your story, or are you using it because you feel you have to?

  4. I think asking "What is our generations voice" is too broad. We would need to do a whole lot more research and interviews to understand a generation. Perhaps we can bring that down to our region or somehow speak more about the smaller audience we are talking about here. Yes, that generation, but locally?!? Anyone else have thoughts on this? Is that statement setting us up for too much?

    minor: During the shots of the questions on the cards can you include some gritty effects to replicate the historical footage.